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Protein Mask Sheet 植物膠原蛋白面膜紙
RM79.00 RM99.00
Protein Mask Sheet 植物膠原蛋白面膜紙
Price RM79.00 RM99.00
Product SKU SNPMS/8
Size (L x W x H) 30 mm x 88 mm x 126 mm
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A jelly-like, stretchable, and protein-infused mask sheet to be combined with Skin Need mask serums to personalize a mask that caters directly to your unique combination of skin type and concerns.
Created using 3D printing, the skin cooling gelee is infused with hydrolyzed wheat proteins to construct a moisturizing layer of nutrients on skin surface to promote skin renewal as well as fortifying the skin.


According to skin type and professional instructions, combine 360 Plus Mask Serum and Skin Need serums into any Skin Need Mask Sheet and blend well. Allow mask to be activated by submerging for 30 seconds, and apply mask sheet onto skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes before removing excess serum with damp cotton, and for the remaining Mask Serum, seal bag and save for use on the next day to optimize skin revitalizing effects.