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  • Deep sedative soothing and anti-inflammatory mask, especially suitable for oily, sensitive, water-scarce, closed and fragile skin
  • Hemp seed oil is a natural soothing, calming effect of the ingredients, with the role of care and soothing skin; It has significant effect on redness, sensitivity and anti-inflammatory. Combined with antibacterial argan oil, organic olive extraction with repair, moisturizing sharkane, and vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid with natural moisturizing ingredients, skin can be improved in all directions.
  • The mask effectively soothes sensitive skin, deeply injects moisture into the skin to balance oil secretion, prevent pore blockage, and reduces the chance of blackheads and acne formation. More local contains the essence of machine licorice, which helps to disintegrate the pigment, and significantly reduces the color mark left over from the inequality of the pigment and the inflammation of acne. The skin color is significantly improved without the use of irritating ingredients.
  • Key Ingredients and Efficacy

    Cannabis seed oil: Rich in vitamins E and A, can effectively promote skin renewal, while improving skin texture, make skin more tender and slippery. And contains the body must lipids - lulic acid and oleic acid, with the effect of repairing skin, anti-inflammatory and sedative.
    Licorice Essence: Rich in antioxidants, effective protection
    of the skin from environmental pollutants; It also contains licorice charcoal, which effectively balances oil secretion and makes the skin bright and smooth.
    Aloe vera leaf juice: Aloe vera leaf juice has excellent soothing and
    healing effect, the best to soothe the stimulating skin ingredients, especially to care for acne skin. Moisturizing can also control oil secretion and improve pore blocking problems.
    Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid is a highly hydrophilic substance that stores 1,000
    times heavier water than itself, enriches the skin and helps other ingredients penetrate into the underside of the skin. Sodium nano-hyaluronic acid penetrates the bottom of the muscle more than normal sodium hyaluronic acid, maintaining skin health.
    Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5 double moisturize skin, improve antioxidant properties, and calm
  • Other ingredients: corn gum, polymer, ethyl hexagon, deionized water
  • No additions: Petrochemicals, sodium cetanyl sulfate (SLS), laurel sulfonyl acetate (SLES), silicon derivatives, ethylene glycol, parabens, polyethylene alcohol (PEGs)

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