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NOS 百份百有機納米鯊烷原液 60MLE
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Lightweight, Super Moisturizing, Ultra Anti-oxidizing Oil


Main Ingredients and Uses:


According to numerous scientific journals and clinical trials, squalane is considered an important substance in practical and clinical uses with huge potential in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Researches have revealed its anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, drug carrier, detoxifier , skin hydrating and emollient activities, both in human as well as in-vitro studies.

Although squalane is produced naturally by the body, the production of this chemical slows drastically after the age of thirty, and along with the thinning of dermal layer contributes to dry skin. Studies have shown that topical application of squalane can be absorbed by the skin, and therefore Skin Need 100% Squalane is entirely composed of the ingredient, designed to be used alone or as a universal blendable to add into any skin care product that can use the help of boosted skin nourishing and anti-oxidizing effect.


Even though squalane is a naturally nourishing oil, it has the rare and unique property of being extremely lightweight and fast penetrative when compared to other plant based oils. It is non-comedogenic, does not have an oily free when applied, is odorless, antibacterial, and safe for sensitive skin. Besides its emollient action, it is also used in treating skin disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis.



  • 百分百有機納米鯊烷原液,嚴選原材料,成分100%提取人手採摘的有機種植橄欖,優質上乘,能為肌膚帶來強效抗氧、清爽滋潤及舒緩作用。活化肌膚,煥發神采,保持年輕及富彈性。成分更通過高科技及冷壓處理, 讓粒子壓縮成納米單位,增加其滲透力。這百分百純度配方可混合Skin Need其他原液、面霜、防曬及粉底使用,加強滋潤感。
  • 根據多個皮膚醫學報告及臨床測驗,由於鯊烷可廣泛應用在實際或臨床 上,故此在保健及製藥行業是一種非常重要的成分。 研究人員發現,鯊烷都具抗癌、抗氧化特性,可作為藥物載體,也有排毒、保濕及舒緩肌膚作用。
  • 雖然鯊烷能在我們身體內自我製造,但隨年齡增長,這個化學過程會減慢下來,同時真皮層變薄,皮膚愈來愈易乾燥。研究發現,鯊烷能通過塗抹在肌膚而被吸收。BYOB百份百有機納米鯊烷原液含有100%濃度的鯊烷,可獨立使用,或用作調配,加入任何護膚產品中,以提升滋潤肌膚及抗氧化的效果。
  • 鯊烷是一種獨特、珍罕又天然的油分,與其他植物油質相比,質感更輕盈,滲透力更高。其不堵毛孔、抗菌、無味、質感清爽的特性,敏感肌膚者可安心使用。除用作護理肌膚外,還可用於治療皮膚疾病,例如: 脂溢性皮炎、暗瘡、牛皮癬或異位性皮炎。
  • 鯊烷是一種天然獨特的滋潤元素,人體自身亦有自我產生鯊烯的能力,負責抗氧化、滋潤皮膚、促進傷口癒合及維持細胞膜張力。於身體內,鯊烯的頂峰生產期為2025歲,令肌膚增添亮澤。可是,隨著年齡增長、生活壓力、環境污染及分內泌失調等因素,體內自我產生鯊烯功能便會大幅下降,令水分及營養流失,肌膚亦變的乾涸暗啞。