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  • Moisturize and revitalise any skin
  • Green tea has always been regarded as a healthy drink, its heart-tinged and antioxidant properties, won the public's favorite. This mask contains more than 40% of the concentration of green tea active ingredients, deep nourishing skin, strong resistance to free radicals, excretion of toxins, reduce wrinkles fine lines, and soothe dry and allergic discomfort, while making the skin blooming attractive. In addition to being used as an osmotic mask, it can also be used as a massage essence for sleeping surfaces or by mixing base oils and essential oils.


  • Main ingredients and efficacy

    Green tea: Green tea contains rich tea polyphenols such as: flavonol and catechitin, with strong antioxidant capacity, can protect the cell DNA, protein, lipid degradation and other damage; In addition, it can enhance the vitality and longevity of cells, and prolong the youth and health of the skin.
    Marine Minerals: Injected into marine minerals, it brings rich trace elements, including magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and calcium, to promote skin renewal while strengthening the skin and resisting sensitivity.

    β-Glucan: Adding β-glucan extracted from oats stimulates macrophages to become more active, protects
    the skin, boosts immunity, reduces allergies and resists harmful substances. At the same time, with soothing skin, redness effect; Can also strengthen the skin, restore natural elasticity, skin becomes tender and smooth.
    Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid is a highly hydrophilic substance that stores 1,000
    times heavier water than itself, enriches the skin and helps other ingredients penetrate into the underside of the skin. Sodium nanosporic hyaluronic acid penetrates the soles of the muscle more than sodium hyaluronic acid, maintaining skin health.
    Multivitamins: A variety of vitamins are added to the formula such as: vitamin B3, vitamin B5
    and vitamin E, doubly moisturizing the skin, improving antioxidant capacity, calming the skin.
  • Other ingredients: hydrolytic collagen, polymers, corn glycose, methyl cellulose, ethyl hexagonal glycerin.
  • No additions: Petrochemicals, sodium cetanyl sulfate (SLS), laurel sulfonyl acetate (SLES), silicon derivatives, ethylene glycol, parabens, polyethylene alcohol (PEGs)


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