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AKA Extract 強效更生去印液
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-Skin Expert forms its basis on peptide skin care to effectively curb skin behaviour via bio­engineered peptide formulas, in order to manage persistently problematic skin without subjecting to skin to harmful and damaging substance FDA & GMP Certified
-Formulated for serious congestion problem and pigmentation skin
-Mix with Skin need or Skin Expert products to optimise product results
-Free of denatured alcohol and chemical substances
-Mixed with 4 types of acid which speeds up pigment degeneration and treats acne problem
-Anti­bacterial formula to prevent acne formation


-Retinyl Palmitate: stimulate cellular renewal
-Kojic Dipalmitate: brighten skin
-Hyaluronic acid: provide below­the­surface hydration
-Proprietary peptides: strengthen skin immunity


-treats oil-prone, thick & dull, congested, and pigmented skin
-composed of anti-bacterial agents to clarify as well as prevent congestion
-mild exfoliant to renew and brighten skin
-accelerates skin turnover to reduce melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
-to maximize results, use with Skin Expert MPA Extract and 12% Nano-C Extract according to professional instructions
**this product is NOT suitable to be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Active Ingredients:
Kojic Dipalmitate, Proprietary Peptide, Vitamin A.

Other Ingredients:
HMW Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Polysorbate, Distilled Water.

Apply 2-3 drops onto palms and smooth onto face until fully absorbed. Use only as directed by a professional. For sensitive skin, use with care.



-可與Skinneed或Skin Expert產品混合使用加強效果
-配方含4款酸性成分,更強效去印和 更生皮膚,改善嚴重暗瘡問題,
-強效抗菌配 方, 截擊暗瘡形成


維他命A酸: 刺激毛囊上皮細胞的更新
-麴酸: 天然美白成分
-氨基酸: 提升皮膚免疫功能


-油性、暗 瘡、暗瘡印問題適用
-打散黑色 素、截擊黑 色素增生