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Acne Peptide 活胜肽暗瘡液
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-Skin Expert forms its basis on peptide skin care to effectively curb skin behaviour via bio­engineered peptide formulas, in order to manage persistently problematic skin without subjecting to skin to harmful and damaging substance FDA & GMP Certified
-Formulated for serious congestion problem and pigmentation skin
-Mix with Skin need or Skin Expert products to optimise product results
-Free of denatured alcohol and chemical substances
-Proprietary peptide can penetrate into skin layers to stimulate cellular turnover
-Best formula for treating acne


-Proprietary peptides: controls sebum production and prevent formulation of acne, blackheads & comedones
-Hyaluronic acid: provide below­the­surface hydration
-Aloe Vera extract: balance oil and moisture level to reduce shine

-for oil-prone, congested, and acne skin; proprietary peptides to control sebum production and prevent formation of acne, blackheads & comedones
-contains amino acids to boost skin immunity against bacteria
-formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to balance oil and moisture level to reduce shine

Active Ingredients:
Proprietary Peptide, Willow Bark Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acid.

Other Ingredients:
Potassium Polysorbate, Distilled Water.

Apply 2-3 dabs onto palms and smooth onto face until fully absorbed. Use only as directed by a professional. For sensitive skin, use with care.



-可與Skinneed或Skin Expert產品混合使用加強效果
-配方更針對解決嚴重毛孔閉塞和色素沈澱的問題 -高科技活胜肽配方能穿透皮膚底層
-直接為肌膚提供控油訊號,是最嶄 新、最直 接、最有效的暗瘡治療配方


-葡萄籽萃取物: 抗氧化
-專利活胜肽 :直接控制油脂分泌,減少細菌於毛孔內滋生而形成暗瘡
-透明質酸: 有效補水
➢ 蘆薈萃取物 :平衡油脂,改善油光滿面